David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

Emanations of Urania Notes Toward A Heuristic Representation of Cliology

by David Myatt

Section I (Introduction: A Coemic Scheme )

1.0 The cosmos is all that exists, has existed or will exist.

1,01 The universe is that aspect of the cosmos that exists at a specified moments of causal time.

1.02 The cosmos admits of a representation by means of abstraction. 1.021 Abstraction is means to knowledge and understanding. 1.022 The most important means of abstraction is mathematics.

1,0221 The abstractive system of mathematics may be approached via a heuri.tic symbolism founded on a formalized theoretical system.

1.023 It is to be und:rstood that all abstractive systems are hypothetical simplifications of the nature of the cosmos since this latter cannot oe truely represented in the system of opposites implicit in all abstractions.

1.1 The cosmos is a duality: Ø, A .

1.11 The duality of the cosmos is expressed by time: as causality ( E’) and acausality (éf ).

1.12 # is representative of intuitive existence; A of rational existence. f in abstractive mythological terms is Dionysian and A Apollonian.

a 1.121 É manifested via É” is 6; A manife-tedviaf is As ( Ps and As are undefined abstractive spaces.)

12L 1.28 As is the realm of the laws of causality; f; the realm of acausal laws.Asé $s is the realm of the laws of synchronicity.

, N | ¢ 7


acausality ~ lús ir

Region of the laws of synchronicity

p ay k

1.13 As may be represented by a Riemann space, of four-dimensions.

1.131 Ës may be represented by the geometry of acausal space where the dimensions are infinite.

David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

1.132 All events in ~>As may be described by mathematical models based on E> , be such evènts macrocosmic or microcosmice

1.14 WheredP=o , Ds reduces to an Euclidean space described by x” systems.

1.141 An x system is defined as a coordinate system (x 4 E` ) in AS

1.142 Events in D (macrocosm) can be described

by a transformation:

d ! A Fy Yi $ = ~~? x, Fs ao E

1.143 All observables are based ne i systems and all theories

established in fact by the application to the elements

composing those theories of the principle of propositional


1.1431 If Wọ is some propositional variable wherewe , fA being

some set of elements A , and if Xs is that set of x” type

elements of a theory that have been compared via observation

with empirical data and not thereby found to be invalid, and that of Y , then if 2 is a symbolic re-presentation

of the principle: ys P > ype Poe se cet soe A or: Typ EXA.

where for / x read ‘for all x'; for Tx. read ‘for some x' and where the operator is defined by this third identity.

1215 For the logical space x” composed of propositional variables where n=2 , a vector V in that space may represent a propositional statement, the direction of the vector establishing the T or F (by definition) of that statement.

12151 The direction of Y is established by reference to the origin of the x system composing the logical space.

1.1511 The origin of the sytem is established by reference to the principle of verification applied to the elements composing

that system.

1.1512 The orientation of the system in Ay depends on the definition of P .

1.1513 A tautology is a scalar quantity.

1.2 A duration of causal time is defined by

ene®= { er, €%e€7% eet)?

David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

x where P is a moment of causal time.

1.21 ŽNA isa re-presentation of the principle of life,

1.212 Gur is a re-presentation of the principle of consciousness

within life.

1.22 The unity that is formed by both Øp andAymay be re-presentated by

8z [EXE = Pri

Pnr~z Az [l2:€24¢63}

geB SCE COS EG.>. CS ef)

David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

Section II Concerning The Coincidence of Causal and Acausal

2.0 Life is the coincidence of pand Ay. » 2.01 The coincidence of Øp and Ag occurs at a specific point, faa

2.02 The greater the complexity of life the greater the manifestation of Žr: in ? $ .

2.1 Consciousness within life is the mergence of Øg and Ay. 2.11 The mergence of $s and Ag occurs over a specific area .

2.111 Thearea of mergence of Ps and Ay is representative of the degree of consciousness possessed by a specific entity of life.

2.12 Each entity of life is, by virtue of its life, a place where Ø is coincidental with A .

2.121 Each entity of life possessed of consciousness is, by virtue of that consciousness, a place where Ø is merged with A .

2.1211 The degree of mergence is variable according as to whether consciousness has been developed or no via the mechanism of evolution that is life.

20122 Sonnožoysnans by defintion in composed of both é’ and P as éř and é

2.123 The coincidence - and thus tha mergence- -of ģ and As is an expression of the life-force (or physical field of force associated with life) which force varies according as to the nature of the organism possessing it.

2.2 Life and consciousness within life are an expression of the flux of $ and à manifested via causal time,

2.21 Human life is the only place presently known where @ is merged with and this mergence may be expressed in the abstractive sense as composed of a lower and an upper limit.

2.211 The lower limit is the unit of consciousness which is the individual.

2.212 The upper limit is the unit of consciousness expressed by the mechanism of cultural evolution in the sense of Spengler and Toynbee. *

2.22 If ÉU is the manifestation of Ø and A as consciousness wheres is the fundamental unit of Ø and à , anà#fa a constant for a particular value of A (theoretically oca<o ), then Fiu is the consciousness of the individual units of consciousness and #,u that of a culture where 7<<c¢ .

2,221 Forku, #* is the conscious and Et the collective unconscious of Jungian psychology. i

2.2211 <A primary expression of consciousness for 4rùu is language.

2.222 For Au, E’ is the ‘soul’ of Spengler and é* ite manifestation (via &” and Agu ) as aesthetics.

2.23 For both Æe and U the degree of mergence of ® and A may be increased via ¢” , giving thus an evolution in consciousness which expresses the law of metamorphosis in organisms,

2.231 It is possible to express the evolution of conscicusness in three (arbitrary and symbolic) stages, «, BZ + which are expressive ofthe fundamental principle of metamorphosis applicable tofytand Mu.,

* The organic nature of cultures propounded by Spengler is an expression of the existentialist principle of recurrence. Culture (in the s:nse of Spengler) is that psycho-historic phenomenon which is manifest in the archetypal soul-form (see 2.222). A civilization (in the sense of Toynbee) is considered to be a culture if it has a unique soul.

David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

In such a symbolic sense fra is approached from ò via the sequence 6>% -{Note: because of er for all e^ ) 222311 The flux of f and à via pr may be expressed in terms ii io 3 as:

KCD > AD > al) “> ACD) > O B (5) > ¥@) IA > OO

2.2312 In terms of <> and Ø this re-presentatian becomes: KAP ata) > aCe) r > IA m ~ Q ~——$——> _ ed

Ce) TA where (because of £ #) Ec x) yes

CDe xls; WDC “CY wf. nns xC) va xE Pe E E w(t). D; Er Ey]

(for é’ read ‘for all E? ‘be Note: —» may be read ‘via €™ ' and oe ' as ‘vin EF "

2.2313 For feu the metamorphosis may be expressed in the following Spenglerian terms:

« (ot) Spring period

a (8) Summer hi

f (u) Autumn"

LO Winter period

r (pis the period of Imperium: JN being linked to the ‘Universal State' of Toynbee.

2.2314 For; u the metamorphosis may be expressed in

the following way: y) ¥(@ o o VCL) CTED) o (p> ò o xl oz)

222315 This represents the evolution of individual consciousness from Ay toward Gye 2.2316 This progression is from a lower realm of consciousness

to a higher one and is a following of the path of initiation,

David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

2.2317 Each stage of this progression is associated with many causal attributions and apprehension and understanding of these enables further progression. 2.2318 Each stage is symbolically represented as a sphere on the magickal Tree of Wyrd, 2.2319 this Tree is a causal re-presenation of acausal aspects and its representations are means to conscious evolution. 2.24 xX can be represented by the symbol 'Alchemical Nercury' (2 Bs É by Alchemical Salt (©) and Y by Alchemical Sulphur í # J 2,241 The principle of metamorphosis thus becomes: TE S EO ol g)> el (Z) p) a Cy Le,

FcH ece) PCA) 2.242 These representations enable conscious understanding and thus integration of the acausal aspects symbolized by such forms. 2.3. # manifests to > via TA T through the $ aspect. 2.31 For a Kj na whose concern is primarily the world of $ 3 then there is an introvert role. 2.312 For a Æ: whose concern is primarily the world of A , there is an extravert role.

2.32 These roles may be represented thus:

ee) Extravert Feeling type ecg) p Intuitive type A i Thinking B E Introvert Feeling zC p) d Intuitive

3 ( 2) " thinking

2.321 Each role is associated with a sphere on the Tree of Wyrd and thus a stage of individual Initiation toward higher consciousness.

2.33 Conscious evolution implies the assumption and integration of each role.

2.34 Æ as a role type is symbolized by a particular

stage of Initiation thus:

ele) Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth #(3) Grand Master/Grand Mistress 204) Homo Galactica

David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

264% For a culture $ is a manifestation ot the soul or

ethos (CF j in A terms.

2041 As metamorphosis proceeds the culture becomes increasingly deprived of this ¥ aspect, leading to the ‘civilisation'

stage of spengler.

2.42 Within each flux of Æ and A expressed as a unit of consciousness which is a culture, there exists and element e

of the totality of individuals composing that culture

who ground or ‘'earth' the flow of Ø to that culture.

2.421 This element, e, is the creative minority (cf. Toynbee). 2.422 Elements of e are mostly unconscious of earthing acausalforces.

2.4221 One of the most obvious manifestations of such

earthing are ‘creative Artists’.

2.42212 An aspect of this process of channelling acausal energy on the individual level is Toynbee's "Withdrawal & Return". 2.42213 Another aspect is the ‘Outsider syndrome'.

2.423 Evolution of consciousness implies an understanding

of this process on the individual level.

224231 This understanding may most easily be achieved by

some form of symbolism abstractly representing the process

and the forces involved.

2.42312 Conscious understanding of this process implies the possibility of using that process consciously to bring other changes.

2242313 Such use and such understanding form the foundation of the process Known as Aeonicse

20424 Since É is expressed via 2 for each Accu, e determines the metamorphosis of a culture.

20425 Culture decline is loss of acausality manifesting via eœ. 264251 This loss is implicit in the nature of f, u and can only be altered by those of e who have achieved some understanding of the processe

2.426 g is expressed via z as aesthetics.

2.43 The flux of Ø and > via ED is codified in archetypal forms.

26431 The most obvious (outward) manifestation of such forms are myths/mythos and actions of individuals unconsciously assuming archetypal roles,

2.432 Each culture has its own forms which thus affect those


David Myatt - Emanations of Urania

2.433 An aspect of a cultural form is the ‘religious attitude' of the peoples of that culture during its early period

of growth.

224331 A later aspect is the codification of that aspect

into Institutions and forms of a political nature. 2.44 -Lvery cultural form of every culture expresses part

of the acausal energy which gave rise to that culture.

20441 Each cultural form is thus a representation of what acausal aspect is earthed at the birth of that culture. 2.4412 This earthing occurs at a specific place which becomes the cult/religios centre for the early culture.

2244121 This earthing is mostly unconscious - that is, intuitive - and expresses the directive nature of the acausal when manifest in the causal.

2.44122 An apprehension of this process is the representation of the acausal energies as a magickal Aeon.

2.4413 Further apprehension, giving conscious understanding,

implies the possibility of manipulating such energies. Section III - Concerning Life and Causal Death

3.0 Death for an organism possessed of life is the ceasation of the coincidence of g and A due to p” .

ei Death for an organism possessed of consciousness is the ceasation of the mergence of $ and A.

~11 Consciousness implies an aspect of É, inàpo Evolution of a €;a in consciousness implies an increase in %,.

2112 The goal of consciousness is first to balance É and à and then transcend to Bs .

2113 An individual who attains this goal maintains/creates an acausal existence when the A, aspect ceases via ér .

e113i The nature of this acausal existence cannot be apprehended by systems based on x” concepts.

«11311 Words and opposites being part of [ig cannot explicate the acausal.

21132 One means to such apprehension is symbolism.

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